VAN NUYS (CNS) — The late actor Ray Sharkey's daughter has pleaded no contest to the bludgeoning death of her boyfriend’s mother in Reseda, and was found to be insane at the time of the crime.

Cecelia Bonnie Sharkey, 28, pleaded no contest to second-degree murder for the Sept. 19, 2015, killing of Patricia Metropoulos, 54, and was ordered to be sent to Patton State Hospital after the court’s finding that she was insane at the time of the crime, according to Ricardo Santiago of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

Police said shortly after the killing that witnesses saw Sharkey swing and hit Metropoulos in the head with a bat. She has remained behind bars since that day.

Sharkey's father, who starred in the “Wiseguy” television series, died in 1993 of complications from AIDS.

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Yet again, this seems to fit the pattern of a person driven to violence only after taking psychiatric drugs. Of course, the article omits that awful correlation with psych drugs. But even psychiatric drugs' "black box" warning on their packaging admit that violence can be a side effect.

People who hit a rough patch in life should seek help in talking to friends, clergy, teachers, parents and other relatives. Not shrinks. Their automatic go-to response is "Let's put you on drugs."
Then they gotcha for life.


Sharkey was not on psychiatric or anti-psychotic meds when she murdered Patti M. Only after she was arrested and in jail did doctors give her anti-psychotic meds.. She had her psych evaluations on a cocktail of anti-psych meds.. That is why she is suddenly insane. This was a premeditated calculated murder she had planned for a long time.

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