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[2014-08-14]   Remembering Robin Williams
[2014-07-03]   'Begin' Celebrates Healing Power of Music
[2014-06-26]   'Jersey Boys': Clint Eastwood's Four Seasons Biopic Fails to Rock
[2014-06-19]   Radio Host Icon: Casey Kasem 1932-2014
[2014-06-19]   Roberto Sanchez Star Shines at Los Angeles Film Festival in “Lake Los Angeles”
[2014-06-18]   '22 Jump Street': Top-Drawer Laughs
[2014-06-11]   'Edge of Tomorrow' the Right Kind of Rerun
[2014-06-05]   'Million Ways' is Seth's take on Western
[2014-05-28]   'X-Men' Another Reason for Mutant Pride
[2014-05-21]   'Godzilla': Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston in a Great Monster Mashup
[2014-05-15]   Ritchie Valens Park Will Rock At Celebrating Words Festival
[2014-05-15]   Rogen, Efron Wage Comic War in 'Neighbors'
[2014-05-07]   'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
[2014-05-01]   The Odyssey of “Water & Power” from the Stage to Film
[2014-05-01]   'The Other Woman' has Zip but Little Else
[2014-04-24]   Turturro's 'Gigolo' Is an Oddball Charmer
[2014-04-16]   'Draft Day' Is an Off-season Gift
[2014-04-09]   'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': Chris Evans Takes On the National Security State
[2014-04-02]   'Noah': Russell Crowe at the End of the World
[2014-03-05]   Gray Kitchens Coming On Strong
[2014-02-26]   '3 Days' A Fatally Compromised Spy Tale
[2014-02-20]   A Miracle Couldn't Save 'Winter's Tale'
[2014-02-12]   'The Monuments Men': George Clooney Fights A Losing Battle With A Tale Of Art And War
[2014-02-06]   San Fernando’s Solano Signs Letter Of Intent To Nevada-Reno
[2014-01-29]   'I, Frankenstein': Monster Mashed
[2014-01-22]   Rebooted Patriot Games In 'Jack Ryan'
[2014-01-09]   Latest 'Paranormal' Brings New Angles
[2014-01-02]   'The Wolf Of Wall Street': Martin Scorsese's Electrifying Tale of Sex and Drugs, and Very Dirty Money
[2013-12-27]   'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues'; Will Ferrell Returns in a Good-Not-Great Sequel
[2013-12-26]   'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues'; Will Ferrell Returns in a Good-Not-Great Sequel
[2013-12-24]   ''The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"
[2013-12-12]   'Out Of The Furnace' Rusted Over
[2013-12-05]   REVIEW- Elba Anchors 'Mandela' With Dignity, Charm
[2013-11-28]   'Delivery Man' Delivers Vaughn's Soft Side
[2013-11-21]   'Catching Fire' An Upgrade For Franchise
[2013-11-15]   REVIEW- 'Book Thief ' a heart-stealing triumph
[2013-11-07]   REVIEW- 'Thor' Sequel Gets Lost In Space
[2013-10-31]   REVIEW- Even Bardem's hair can't lift 'Counselor'
[2013-10-31]   REVIEW- 'Bad Grandpa' Shows 'Jackass' Still Spry
[2013-10-24]   REVIEW- 'Carrie' only intermittently effective
[2013-10-17]   REVIEW- A stellar Hanks in harrowing 'Phillips'
[2013-10-10]   REVIEW- 'Gravity,' 90 Minutes Of Terrifying Beauty
[2013-10-03]   REVIEW- 'Cloudy 2' — Gorgeous Visuals, Cheesy Puns
[2013-09-26]   REVIEW- 'Prisoners' a gripping, smart revenge saga
[2013-09-19]   REVIEW- 'Insidious' sequel delivers scares, laughs
[2013-09-13]   REVIEW- Sturdy Diesel, Lousy Dialogue in 'Riddick'
[2013-09-06]   REVIEW- The Car Chase Thriller 'Getaway' Stalls
[2013-08-30]   REVIEW- In 'World's End,' One Hilarious Apocalypse
[2013-08-23]   REVIEW- `Jobs' is About Apple More Than the Man
[2013-08-15]   REVIEW: 'Elysium' is Imaginative But Falls Short
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