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Written by San Fernando Valley Sun   
Thursday, 14 June 2012 01:51

"The Color Wheel" - What's intriguing here are the contradictions. Director, co-writer and costar Alex Ross Perry's film is shot in grainy, 16mm black and white, which results in images that are at once harsh and dreamlike. His characters, an obnoxious brother and sister (Perry and co-writer Carlen Altman), make no apologies for their behavior and almost seem to thrive on offending everyone they meet, yet they're oddly intriguing. Their banter, a rapidfire brand of sniping and mutual humiliation, has the free flow of improvisation but actually was tightly scripted. And just when it seems that these characters have finally let their guard down and allowed their truest selves to shine through, they do something that most people in the audience will find deplorable and even sickening. "The Color Wheel" won't be for everyone, that's for sure, but its daring is undeniable. Altman's character, JR, is a flaky, aspiring newscaster who enlists her brother, Perry's Colin, to help her move her stuff out of the apartment of her former boyfriend, who also happens to be her former professor. And so they embark on a road trip from suburban Pennsylvania to Boston in her beat-up Honda Accord, but as in most movies with this kind of structure, the destination isn't as important as the discussions and encounters that take place during the journey itself. That's about the only conventional element here. Unrated but contains language and adult situations. 83 minutes. Three stars out of four.

-Christy Lemire,

AP Movie Critic

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