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Written by Steven Loy, Ph.D.   
Thursday, 02 January 2014 00:08


This year it’s about finding healthy solutions. And, here’s some great news … there’s a new program in San Fernando to help you prevent diabetes by 58 percent! But, let’s do a quick rewind to those last days of 2013.

You said, “2014 is here. I’m going to lose this weight!” Sound familiar? Maybe it was your New Year’s resolution for the last several years and, like millions of others, you weren’t successful. Can this year be different? I say, “Yes it can because we’re here to help you.” Three years ago, I brought the “100 Citizens” free exercise program to Recreation Park in the City of San Fernando, led by kinesiology students from Cal State Northridge, and we’ve seen how it has improved the health of many in our community.

On Jan. 20, with a Community Benefits Grant from Kaiser Permanente and in partnership with Mission Community Hospital and the City of San Fernando, we will expand “100 Citizens” to include a diabetes prevention program. Why add diabetes prevention? Because the community needs it! The Los Angeles County Public Health publication “Trends in Diabetes: Time for Action, November 2012, reported diabetes rates continue to rise among adults in Los Angeles County:

• Diabetes occurrence was highest among Latinos and African Americans who also have the highest prevalence of obesity.

• Among adults 65 and older, the diabetes prevalence was 34.3% for Latinos, 33.2% for Asian/Pacific Islanders, and African Americans 30.5% compared to 16.9% for whites. • Diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death in LA County

• Risk of death among people with diabetes is two times that of similar people without diabetes • 90% of all diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes and obesity is the primary preventable risk factor

• Living with uncontrolled diabetes long-term can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, neuropathy, and blindness In short, the risk for diabetes is very real and with diabetes, the change in your quality of life can be devastating.

Are you at risk for Type 2 diabetes? Take the National Diabetes Education Program test and find out! (Go their website, http://ndep. test.aspx) If you scored 5 or higher, you are at increased risk for Type 2 diabetes and even if you are below 5 you can still be at risk and of course if you are overweight or obese scoring 1, 2, or 3 on the height/weight chart, you are at risk for the many diseases associated with obesity, itself classified as a disease in August 2013 by the American Medical Association.

If you scored 5 or higher and scored 2 or 3 on the height weight chart and do not already have diabetes, you are a prime participant for our 100 Citizens Diabetes Prevention Program. I said this year it’s about having healthy solutions and we have great news here in San Fernando. We are implementing a 12 week modification of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) which was a clinical research study led by the National Institutes of Health and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with the goal of a 5-7 percent weight loss (a safe 1-2 pounds per week) through nutrition, health, and exercise education combined with a structured exercise program modified to individual capabilities.

This amount of weight loss through nutrition and exercise has been shown to reduce diabetes risk by 58 percent. As with our basic “100 Citizens” program, our goal is to make the diabetes prevention program sustainable in San Fernando.

In a recent diabetes prevention symposium held here at San Fernando Recreation Park sponsored by L.A. County and Long Beach Public Health, Cal State Northridge, and the American Diabetes Association, it was noted there were few DPPs available in the Los Angeles area and none had the quality of exercise programming of our “100 Citizens” program, which is modifiable for all participants. For those of you unfamiliar with “100 Citizens,” it is the exercise program delivered by kinesiology student interns who know exercise. Kinesiology is the study of human movement and “100 Citizens” gives our students the opportunity to apply their education and lets San Fernando offer a free quality exercise program to residents throughout the northeast San Fernando Valley.

The addition of the diabetes prevention program makes 100 Citizens a one of a kind program in the state and likely across the country. And, now we can help each other. Our goal is to involve more than 100 participants (18-80 years old) in our 100 Citizens Diabetes Prevention Program to demonstrate to the departments of public health that a partnership of the public parks with kinesiology departments can be a “free” solution for the prevention of diabetes. Los Angeles County Public Health reports the direct cost of treating diabetes is estimated at more than $6 billion in L.A.

County, and $116 billion in the United States. Additional medical expenses for people with diabetes average more than twice as much as for those without diabetes. So, when I say we can help each other out, we need 100 participants to help us show California the free “100 Citizens Diabetes Prevention Program” works! The information and recruitment sessions will be at Recreation Park, 208 Park Ave., in San Fernando. Each session will last about 90 minutes. You are required to come to one information/ recruitment session only. The “100 Citizens Diabetes Prevention” classes will begin January 20, 2014 at Recreation Park and occur for 12 weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, beginning at 8:15 a.m. and ending at 9:45 a.m. It will include both the exercise and education programs offered with English and Spanish instruction.

Those who attend all 36 classes will be the ones most likely to be successful in improving their risk for diabetes. We will have information and participant recruitment sessions and you should note that some participants might need a physician’s clearance prior to participation in our program. So if you want to be a participant, it is suggested that you see a clinic physician or tell your personal physician that you are about to enter a program of exercise and weight loss with education offered by Cal State Northridge and would like them to provide you a note indicating you may participate. This will prevent any delays to your entering our program. Together we can make history and show California a sustainable model that works which can make a difference in the wellbeing of our country.

San Fernando can lead the way to health! For those who may already have diabetes, an exercise program is usually recommended and should be followed. You can participate in the basic “100 Citizens” program with your physician’s approval. The good news for Type 2 diabetes is that participation in a program of exercise and weight loss with proper nutrition often results in a reversal of the need for medications associated with diabetes. Steven Loy is a Professor of Kinesiology at California State University, Northridge.

The “100 Citizens” health and wellness program he helped create at Cal State Northridge was recognized at the White House in March 2013 as part of first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” nationwide campaign to help fight obesity, especially in the African American and Latino communities. Who: Females and Males, 18-80 years of age with scores of 5 or more on the NDEP Risk for Diabetes test and scores of 2 or 3 on the height/weight chart who do not have diabetes. Information and participant recruitment sessions and 100 Citizen Diabetes Prevention Classes offered in Spanish and English to be held at: Recreation Park, 208 Park Ave., San Fernando, CA, (818) 898-1290.

Information and Recruitment Sessions: REQUIRED to attend one 90 minute session! Jan. 8, 9am -10:30am and 4pm-5:30pm Jan. 9, 9am-10:30am Jan. 10 9:30am-11am Jan. 13 8:30am-10am and 4pm-5:30pm Jan. 14 8:30am-10am and 4pm-5:30pm Diabetes Prevention Classes begin: January 20, 2014 and the program will last for 12 weeks. Mon., Wed., Fri., 8:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Those who attend all classes are most likely to achieve their goal weight loss of a minimum of 5-7 percent in 12 weeks. This weight loss has been clinically shown to reduce the risk for diabetes by 58 percent.

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