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Written by JEFFRUGG, Creators Syndicate   
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 22:07

Every once in a while, you see a new product and you say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that"? Or you might say, "I wish I had one of those things 10 years ago."

When I saw the Plant Cam, I said both. This is an item whose time has come.

The Plant Cam is a camera that is designed to take pictures of plants. It is weatherproof and comes with nice brackets, straps and cords. It can be installed just about anywhere indoors or outdoors.

The camera has decent resolution at fourmega pixels with three sizes of files. This time-lapse camera comes with software that combines upto360pictures into a video.The video can be placed on You Tube or shared anyway you like.

In time-lapse mode, you can choose from 11 different settings from every 30 seconds to once a day. You can also set it to only take pictures when it has enough daylight for the picture to be good.

Closely focusing to about 1 foot, the camera has a built-in laser light to help you aimat the plants.

A tape measure is included to get the plants in focus.

Accessories include cables for connecting to a computer or a television.

The internal memory is hopelessly small at only 16 MB, allowing you to only take about nine pictures at the largest file size.An optional SD2GBmemory card will holdmore than 1,500 at the largest file size. Send in the registration card and they will give you an SD card. It operates on four AA batteries that are included. Time-lapse photography is fun. It doesn't have to be close-ups of plants, either. Take a time-lapse series of pictures at your next birthday party or on Christmas morning.

Take pictures of a house being built or leaves turning to fall colors. Atonly$79, this camera is adeal.

It is available in stores, but you can also check for more information.

The big brother to the Plant Cam is the BirdCam 2.0. It is a time-lapse camera with an 8 MG resolution and the same weatherproof construction, but it has motion detection, flash for nighttime pictures and video with sound. The extra features require the use of four D-cell batteries.

Place it in front of your bird feeder. Then when you come home, you can see what visited your bird feeder. The nighttime pictures will identify what is raiding the feeder.

If you have a koi or goldfish pond, this camera is an excellent tool for seeing the visitors to the pond during the day or night.

Neither camera has high-definition video. I would love to see video files longer than 360frames.

Both cameras have small internal memories that are used more to see if the camera is running than for taking pictures. The optional memory card is really a necessity.

On the plus side, they come with excellent brackets and cables.

TheBirdCam2.0retails at$199 and is available at bird specialty stores. The Audubon BirdCam is $50 less, but it doesn't include the flash and has a lower-resolution camera.

If you are a serious gardener or nature lover or know someone who is, these cameras need to be on your shopping list.

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