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Employees, Customer Robbed At Gunpoint At San Fernando Barbershop PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alex Garcia   
Thursday, 13 February 2014 04:25

A. Garcia / SFVS

A customer and some employees at the Faded Times Barbershop in San Fernando were victims of a robbery. On Feb. 7, as the business was getting ready to close its doors at 9 p.m., two African American men entered the place and held up three employees, the owner and a customer at the shop, stealing money and wallets, according witnesses. “We were pretty much cleaning up.

Two guys came in with a gun and they just took everything,” said Lupe Mora, owner of Faded Times. “You just hate the stereotypes, but that’s what it was.” In all, the robbers, who wore bandanas over their faces, took about $800, leaving everyone shaken.

The theft took only about a minute and a half and San Fernando police officers showed up right away, Mora said. “It’s the first time anything like this has ever happened in the two years we’ve been open,” he said. “It’s just a messed up situation. I grew up here and I never heard of anything like this happening here (in San Fernando).

“They robbed the client, they have no shame,” Mora continued. Det. Pete Aguirre from the San Fernando Police Department told the San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol that this was “a fairly isolated incident” and that there are no other robberies with ‘similar M.O.’s (modus operandi)” reported in the City recently.

He added they are checking with neighboring agencies to see if there are other incidents like this. Aguirre said the assailants wore gloves and “covered their faces pretty well” to avoid being recognized. Police investigators said they only had a vague description of the robbers and are checking surveillance video from nearby stores to see if they could identify them and the vehicle in which they fled.

“I would venture to say this is not the first time they’ve done something like this,” Aguirre said. The barbershop is now taking some added precautions. The steel cover in front of the store is now partially closed, leaving only the door open. And, Mora said, “we’re going to have to put some cameras inside.”