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San Fernando Man Faces Murder Charges In Death Of Mother PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alex Garcia   
Thursday, 20 February 2014 03:47

A San Fernando man has been arraigned for allegedly stabbing his mother, who later died at the hospital. Roman Maldonado, 31, was charged with murder in Superior Court in the City of San Fernando in the death of his mother, Maria Perez, whom he allegedly stabbed repeatedly in their home at 302½ Harps Street following an argument on Thursday, Feb. 13. Perez, who was in her mid- 50s, was taken to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center where she died from her injuries.

A neighbor who witnessed the ordeal is still in shock after seeing Maldonado standing over his mother with a bloody knife still in his hand and calmly calling the police, as the woman lay seriously injured at the door of their home. “I was coming out of the house heading for the store and the lady was crawling out of her front door,” said the neighbor, who did not want to identify herself to the (italics) San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol (italics end). “She was bloody and moaning.

“He had a phone in his hand and the knife in the other. He had blood in his shirt and in his face,” the witness said. “He did not look sad. He looked very normal. “I didn’t know what to do. I just started crying and crying. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t move.” The witness said San Fernando Police officers arrived quickly at the place around 3:30 p.m., and Maldonado did not resist arrest.

He was quickly taken away while his mother was transported to the hospital. Police investigators remained at the residence until past 2 a.m. the next day, looking for evidence while a crew cleaned up the house. Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s deputies, which helped with the investigation, reported that “San Fernando Police responded to a call of an Assault With a Deadly Weapon.

When they arrived, they observed a female lying on the ground, by a doorway, with several stab wounds to the upper torso. A male suspect was standing over her holding a knife.” Neighbors reported overhearing that Maldonado had stabbed his mother at least 14 times. Several of Perez relatives arrived at the home on Feb 14. Many of them broke down crying before heading inside, where more crying was overheard.

Some of them took out bedding, carpet and other items from the house to throw away in the trash. Maldonado and his mother had lived at the small duplex for about 15 years and neighbors said the man had been involved with drugs in the past. “I guess he was not well in the head,” said one neighbor, who added Maldonado worked holding signs at corners. His mother was in disability and did not work.

They were the only residents in the house. Other neighbors said they had never heard fighting in the house or anything out of the norm. Maldonado remains in custody without bail.