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Thursday, 03 April 2014 06:01

SYLMAR (CNS) - A Vietnam veteran, who was prohibited from owning any firearms as part of his probation for a road rage incident in which he shot out the tires of a car, was caught with an arsenal he had stashed at a friend's house, police said March 31.

The Los Angeles Police Department's Mission Division Parole Compliance Unit went to check on the parolee -- whose name was withheld -- at his home on Monday, said Lt. Paul Vernon.

The man said he had no guns in his house, but the officers persisted, and he finally owned up to owning 18 guns, which he had taken to his friend's house after his conviction in order to keep within the law, Vernon said.

"To his credit,'' said Vernon, "the man showed the officers where the friend lived, and the officers were able to seize 18 guns, including assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Moreover, they found the parts to make a fully automatic machine gun.

"The cooperative vet was not arrested, but his ownership of some of the guns is being reviewed for possible criminal charges in the future,'' Vernon said.

"We'll never know if this seizure of so many guns will have averted some future assault or death,'' he said. "But the chance of these guns having been sold or stolen in the future made them a threat to society; after all, the caretaker did not own the guns and could have done anything with them he wanted and no one would have been the wiser.

"Pardon the pun, but I think we might all have dodged a bullet with this seizure" Vernon said.