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Written by San Fernando Valley Sun   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 01:53

Dear Editor,

The death of "Big Sal Preciado is truly a tragedy, but one that will surely happen again, due, at least in part, to the mistaken notion that alcohol must be harmless because it's legal.

In reality, alcohol is an addictive and dangerous drug that can kill as easily as cocaine can, and "cause accidents" because it impairs the senses and judgment.

Its legal status simply reflects the popularity, but it is only legal for adults and, thus, adults must have supplied it either knowingly or unknowingly. If knowingly, they are committing a crime; if unknowingly they are negligent, like leaving a loaded gun lying around.

In either case, adults are responsible for their kids' behavior. The teen who threw the party said the attendees brought their own drinks and that everyone was drinking a lot, so there must be a lot of enablers.

Ironically, in the same edition of The Sun/El Sol, there is a review for a movie (made, presumably, by adults) that shows the kids that this kind of risky behavior is "cool," fun and funny, and that nothing truly bad will happen as a result. This may be true for the most part but, sadly, there will always be tragedies like "Big Sal" as long as adults like to drink.

Richard C. Ulrich San Fernando