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Written by San Fernando Valley Sun   
Thursday, 17 May 2012 02:14


Subject: Cancellation of Fire Service Day

I am so disappointed that the San Fernando City Council took the low road by canceling our planned Fire Services Day event. What could be safer than having a whole day of activities dedicated to promoting fire and public safety surrounded by certified paramedics?

My grandchildren had been looking forward to the chance to see the equipment and demonstrations close up, and I was looking forward to spending the day with them here in San Fernando. Instead, I took them to a neighboring station, but it certainly would have been more convenient and more fun to take them to our own park.

Who knows what child won't be inspired to reach for a career as a firefighter, police officer or paramedic because of the selfish and politically motivated decision by the city council to cancel this family-oriented opportunity?

I look forward to a time when we can again be proud of our elected city officials.

Thank you,

Dee Akemon, San Fernando

To the Editor,

Gov. Jerry Brown says the state has a $16 million budget shortfall and proposes healthcare cuts as a solution. There's another way to offset that gap that will benefit the budget and Californians' health: tax meat.

Americans already pay a "sin" tax on cigarettes and alcohol to offset the adverse health effects of these items. It makes sense to also tax meat, dairy products, and eggs. Increased consumption of animal products has been linked to numerous cancers, heart disease, and obesity. Americans eat twice as much meat as the worldwide average and partly as a result we spend more on healthcare than any other nation.

If California levied a 10-cent tax on every pound of animal flesh sold, the average family would pay only several dollars more monthly. As people opt for non-taxed, plant-based foods, they'll reap the benefits of a vegan diet, which can minimize or reverse conditions like heart disease and diabetes decreasing the need to spend so much on healthcare.

This tax can help cure California's budget woes and set taxpayers with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other health problems on the road to recovery.


Rebecca LeMaitre, Norfolk, VA

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