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Written by Andres Chavez, Sun Staff Reporter   
Thursday, 24 May 2012 04:17

Not content to rest on their record of infidelity, illegal meetings and backroom dealings, the nefarious three of the San Fernando City Council have decided to add censorship and political repression to their shameful resume. The Decorum Ordinance is a thinly veiled attempt to censor the city's residents from their right to free speech. The Three will be carefully monitoring the words of brave residents who dare to stand up and speak and if their words sound too much like opposition, they'll be given two warnings to speak no evil. Then it will be a quick "Off with their heads!" before being escorted out by San Fernando P.D. Police presence, censorship ... are you sure we're still living in the USA?

Like true caudillos, no such restrictions apply to The Three. At last Monday's council meeting, as usual, the council majority spoke to their hearts' content espousing the need for their ordinance. They had no three minute limitation, and no one to tell them how offensive and nauseating it was to listen to their hypocrisy. They showed no respect while residents attempted to address them. Former Mayor Mario Hernandez whispered in Mayor Brenda Esqueda's ear, both ignoring the pleading from the residents. What could Hernandez have been saying to the Mayor ... offering her counsel as he still struggles to part with his precious gavel?

The council majority showed their true character months back when they betrayed the public's trust with their back room deals, breaking the Brown Act and literally hopping into bed with each other. The residents want better. If imposing gestapo-like tactics to deny people's free speech is your idea of representation, it's time for a reality check.

The council majority has set up the council meetings with police standing by to escort residents out. It's a mystery why San Fernando residents have tolerated months of the council three's outrageous behavior or have yet to organize a large demonstration to circle city hall.

The Three, for their part, have berated, chastised and insulted residents from their pulpit, the council dais. It's wasn't too long ago that the ringleader, Maribel De La Torre accused a resident of child abuse, called out this newspaper and had marathon lectures dressing down people of her choice. Her boyfriend, and loyal follower Mario made it his practice to start counting 1-2-3 warnings to anyone who dares to oppose, applauds, or reacts to their outrageous behavior. The council majority is committed to gluing themselves to their chairs by any means possible.

It is outrageous that this council continues to persist in their dirty play, dirty deeds and quite possibly unconstitutional behavior. In their scheme to hold on to their positions, they have found and hired people to do their bidding. The new attorney hired by the council majority drew up the ordinance to support their fascist tactics only a couple of weeks into the job. Police Chief Gil Carrillo, hired through the back door by the three, had some difficulty staying awake during last Monday's council meeting, will supply the brute strength to enforce the will of The Three.

The recall is underway but the election is still months away. The council majority is hoping that by the election they will have been able to save a baby from a burning building and somehow sway residents into thinking that they are honorable people. But Monday night's example of how they plan to conduct business doesn't offer much hope that The Three's character will change. They've been attempting to rally support outside of the city and have been trying to convince the SEIU to fight their recall by supplying them with money, foot soldiers and campaign phone banking. City of San Fernando employees, members of SEIU have been unfairly asked to weigh and have had to sweat with the thought that their jobs could be on the line if they don't weigh in "correctly."

It's unfortunate that San Fernando residents must continue to watch, resist and apply pressure to keep The Three from running completely wild.

It's hard for a reasonable person to keep a straight face to hear the Three claim to care about residents and the city. But if you dare to laugh, under their ordinance, there will be no laughter allowed. You'll get a warning and if you can't stop laughing at their nonsense you'll be escorted out of the council chambers.

It was sadly comical to watch as Hernandez needed a police escort just to leave his council chair to go to the restroom on Monday.

If you think you're going to be accosted, and need a police escort, to protect you from the residents that you claim to represent, isn't it time to take a hint?

Like a bad relationship, you just can't force people to love you or force them into submission by denying their civil rights.

And so the city turns...

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