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JCPenney Offers Little Explanation to San Fernando PDF Print E-mail
Written by Diana Martinez   
Thursday, 21 June 2012 05:04

While city of San Fernando officials have attempted to contact JCPenney executives in an attempt to discuss what can be done to keep the store open in their city, the national retailer has offered a vague explanation for their decision to close the landmark store. The San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol however received the following prepared statement from JCPenney spokesperson Sarah Holland: "JCPenney is transforming the way we do business to become America's favorite store. As we reimagine the customer experience, we're rethinking every element of our business to deliver on this vision. It's never an easy decision to close a store, especially because of the impact on our valued team members and customers.

Changes such as these are essential in helping us achieve our longterm goals. We would not have moved forward with this difficult decision if we did not believe it was absolutely necessary for the future growth of our Company."

The San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol asked why JCPenney has defined themselves as "America's store" however they have abandoned the city of San Fernando. The San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol asked what direction the retailer was going in and why the city of San Fernando was not in JCP's future.

"We have not yet disclosed the details related to our JCPenney store of the future," Holland responded in an email.

The San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol persisted in asking JCPenney to be specific in explaining why the San Fernando location is not in the company's future plans. Holland responded, "As a publicly traded Company, we are unable to share specific information related to the performance of each store."

Customers who want the store to stay open have signed an online petition ( j-c-penney-keep-the-cityof- san-fernando-store-open) and offered comments. Among the comments "It's a city landmark" wrote Emily Orozco. Many shared their memories growing up and shopping at the store.

"My family and I have always shopped at this store. The day I saw the "store closing" signs I was truly heartbroken, it is not in any logic reason to close this store! We need it, the community," commented Mayra Hernandez.

"JCP would leave a big void in our small town. San Fernando residents have been loyal customers to this store for many years and it would be a shame for JCP to turn its back on the people who have supported them all these years." wrote Julia Rubalcava.

"The City of San Fernando loves it's JCPenney's, for generations residents and families have been able to shop for quality clothes without having to drive out of town. It's part of our history and tradition. We deserve and want a quality store to shop in," wrote Julie Gonzalez.

But some customers have pointed out that the store's merchandise was not up to par in San Fernando and sales fell off because it was not equal in quality compared to their other store locations.

A group of local residents and long time customers of the store meanwhile said discussions are underway to have a event to send a public message to the JCPenney executives headquartered in Plano, Texas.

Former councilman Steven Veres said he was very disappointed that the store is closing it's doors.

"Its had a good name brand for years but I've always been frustrated with their unwillingness to update this store. The building has improved over the years, but the product inside is tired-- outlet like. I'm encouraged by the new JCP marketing but to only close this store in this neighborhood sends a bad message--- JCP was always convenient and steady here. If they leave I won't chase them especially with all the other strong competitors in the market. There's definitely a main street appeal here in San Fernando and JCP will get main street support if they stay and refresh their product.

The JCPenney store is expected to close at the end of July.