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Written by Andres Chavez   
Thursday, 05 July 2012 05:07


Sara Butler as Alice of Alice in Wonderland (the blond on the right) and her friend join another group of cosplayers for a photo opp.

Anime Expo 2012 drew to successful close on Monday, July 2. The four-day event drew approximately 100,000 participants in all their costumed glory. Cosplay (dressing up as a favorite Animee, video game or fantasy character) was in full display. From the simple, but very sharp, outfit of a JEDI Knight to a ten-foot tall replica of one of the Giant robots so beloved by anime fans, the creativity of cosplay continued as it does every year.

One thing that was different this year was the presence of the X Games at the Staples Center during the same time as AX 2012. You couldn't have two more different fan bases. There was a slight undertow of dissatisfaction.

You could hear it in conversation, in the hallways as people went to different events; one comic even mentioned it in his routine. It wasn't enough to ruin the event for anyone, but people felt that their space was invaded.

The Anime Expo is, first and foremost, for the fans so the fans should tell their experience about the Expo.

Nora Almendarez, (Cammy from video game Street Fighter)

"She's in the military and likes to kick ass. I actually love to see everybody else in their costumes and see how much work they put into them. Coming here to see how hard people work, it just makes me want to work harder on my costumes. I actually like all (the anime) stories, a lot of them. I spend countless hours watching anime. The story lines and animation, the more gory it is, the better. Yesterday I brought a friend who didn't know anything about this, but she dressed up, too, and she had a lot of fun. She didn't know who any of the characters were but come, have fun and watch everyone be themselves. Be more open to (anime), it's not just for a bunch of nerdy kids. There are different story lines that anyone would like."

Xyda Aronte, (Morgan op Xeslana)

"This is my first cosplay. This is my first year (at the Anime Convention). I've always loved anime ever since I was a kid. I've watched 'Sailor Moon' since I was very young. After that I grew up to more anime, even games like 'Street Fighter,' back in the day. It's so different from American animation. They are more realistic, out there about adult life. I feel like I'm part of family here, people with the similar interest as I do. I think this generation is very accepting about anime. It's something, other than Halloween, to gather, dress up, show off your creativity. It's only once a year, no one judges what you're dressed like. It could be a 40- year-old guy dressed like a girl or a little girl dressed as a guy, it doesn't matter. No one is going to judge you. That's what I love about this anime convention, you can be whatever you want to be and not be judged. You can have fun."

Pauline Cruz, (Princess Zelda)

"I've been coming here since 2006. I love anime. I've been dressing up my entire life but cosplay, my first year was 2008. It's fun. I can't really explain it but there something to dressing up and acting like something that you know you're not and just having fun with it. It's like acting, it's why actors act. This is what I do. I also perform, so just say I'm an actor and this is my costume. (For this year's convention) Everything is kind of different now. There's a bunch of walls in stands where there weren't last year. It's just really strange, odd."


Lourdes Williams as Link from Legend of Zelda. This is her 12th year at Anime Expo

Isabela Reyes (violinist BAKA)

Goes by violinist BAKA when performing in conventions. "I bring my violin because I love to play anime and video game music. I know the people here enjoy listing to it. I've been here six or seven years. This is my second year playing here. I never thought to bring my violin before. I saw other people playing in the hallway, like a guitarist; I thought, 'they need a violinist, too.' The reaction has been pretty good. I'm actually trying to promote my YouTube channel a little bit. I do covers of a lot of anime and video music."

Find violinist BAKA at


Edgar Villalta

"I just dress up gothic. A lot of strangers come by and help me say 'Hi' or wave. They just want to join in what I'm doing, just saying 'Hi' to everyone. I'm not bothered or uncomfortable being next to strangers. They can say 'Hi' alongside me. It's fine. It's a simple little story (about why I say 'Hi' to everybody.) Three years ago, when I first came to AX, I saw a lady doing this same thing, saying 'Hi' to everyone. So I joined her and helped out for a few hours.

Then I made a promise that I would do it the following year, until she would return. Since then, three years now, I haven't seen her, she hasn't come back, but I continue to do this." Perhaps next year will be the year.

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