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Written by Diana Martinez   
Thursday, 12 July 2012 05:14

It was another moving and successful Relay for Life in San Fernando on Saturday, July 7, even under a hot summer sun, those that participated were determined to eagerly tackle the relay track like champions at San Fernando Recreation Park.

Booths were much larger this year, giving more room for teams who sold food, drinks and snacks as they continued to raise money for the American Cancer Society up to their closing ceremony on Sunday morning.

Many teams had been there before, like the large contigent from Team Ro-Ro-Dan and Eva's Diva's who sadly carried on without Eva Ortega, their team's inspiration.

Ortega, who lost her fight against the disease was a strong motivator not only for her team each year but for the San Fernando relay as an outspoken advocate for progressive cancer research and for her resilience and determination. Honoring her, her team dressed up, looked good, cheered, and had fun as they danced the night away in front of their booth.

One new team this year was for Lucy Brown. Through a routine mammogram last year, breast cancer was found. "I had mammograms faithfully each year," said Brown "I actually looked forward to it." With a positive spirit, Brown said as unusual as it sounds, that she has looked forward to her cancer treatment and her visits to the doctor.

At one of her fundraisers, supporters decorated bras, and her grandson, Michael Fino. a bright and precocious 13-year-old student from the San Fernando Institute for Applied Technology was pleased to share how much he cared for his grandmother.

For a photo, he tried on one of the bras decorated with candy, that was decorated by a kindergarten teacher at San Fernando elementary.

"Well, why not, I'm only ever going to do this once." he joked. He also got into a Flintstone car crafted by their family that they took powered by their feet along the relay track. Brown, who worked at San Fernando Elementary School for many years as a campus aide, said that the experience of participating at the Relay for Life was very meaningful for her.

"I loved it. We ran into people who had no idea that I was affected by cancer, and I didn't know that they were also going through something similar." she said. Her grandson produced a video on her experience which played on the trolley's during the city's Paint the Town Purple week as a pre-event for the relay.

As night fell, true to the San Fernando art community, it was time for Midnight Karoke and one right after another took turns showing how much talent the northeast community has. A crowd favorite was "Danny" a strong man who hit every high note while singing "Lonely Girl." Afterward, while some settled down to watch the film, Sandlot, others slept in their tents. The San Fernando Kiwanas served a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

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