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Written by Diana Martinez | Editor   
Thursday, 23 August 2012 01:58


Cameras are still rolling in San Fernando covering Maribel De La Torre's court proceedings. Former council member Mario Hernandez is nearby.

Both appear to enjoy all the media attention, smiling for the cameras, dressed up in their innocent Sunday-go-to church best. De La Torre wears big black sunglasses. Had anyone asked, they'd probably would have given their autograph.

De La Torre was quoted as saying that she was "told by someone in court that she had class" Perhaps the irony of her statement was lost on her but not on others.

She has gone so far as to claim that she has a book deal. "There's always a vanity press," joked an observer. But it's no laughing matter for residents who have pleaded with De La Torre, Hernandez and Brenda Esqueda to "just go away." The community is just disgusted that while the city falls deeper in the red, the De La Torre, Hernandez and Esqueda spectacle continues and has to be endured by residents and city hall.

Residents have filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission to stop Esqueda and De La Torre from campaigning against their recall while speaking from the city council dais. Recently, Hernandez while in a Sylmar restaurant, took photos of current police chief Lt. Parks and former chief Gil Carrillo who were at the restaurant for lunch. They hadn't had a chance to have a proper talk after Carrillo was abruptly fired.

Carrillo's infraction? He refused to throw away the police report filed by Hernandez after his physical fight with De La Torre. Hernandez reported to police that De La Torre in a rage choked him and told him she "could f-----g kill him" and destroyed his property.

It wasn't enough that Carrillo paid the price for doing his job, Hernandez couldn't let them eat and talk in peace, he walked around them, snapping photos of them from every angle.

Although Hernandez resigned his post after filing his police report against De La Torre, he still demanded the limelight and called a news conference to place the blame not on himself or De La Torre, but on the police department. The police department followed procedure and took photos of his injuries, but would not make it all go away for the pair.

Now Hernandez finds himself in a serious dilemma. He has been ordered to attend De La Torre's next court proceeding where he will be expected to testify but he was adamant in saying this week that he won't testify against his girlfriend. De La Torre claims she was momentarily knocked out and she acted in self defense.

Hernandez, if he now changes his story, will be perjuring himself. So what's a guy who can't let go do? While De La Torre's attorney has told the San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol that he has advised them to hold off from their relationship until the court proceedings are over, Hernandez after licking his wounds and melted by her crocodile tears, wants to help her and is making every effort to stand by his woman.

The De La Torre-Hernandez affair became the subject of talk shows after the public confession from the council dais by Hernandez. Dr. Drew called them narcissists and it now appears that he called it right. They think they're celebrities.

When the first news trucks showed up after his announcement, city workers said Hernandez walked into city hall hitting his chest, he made another "proud" announcement, "I can make you famous," he said.

It's a self important game to them. When there isn't any commotion, they create it. If a media truck comes to town, "Mayor" Esqueda will chase it.

At a recent news conference called after a late night attempt was made to remove the JCPenney's sign, a miffed Esqueda stormed in disrupting the speakers proclaiming "I'm the Mayor" and announcing that she wasn't invited to be part of the news conference. Ever hear the phrase, "Get a clue?"

Esqueda attempted to turn a news conference about JCPenny deserting the San Fernando community to one about her fight against those that wish to recall her. In tow, she brought Hernandez, who shouted from the peanut gallery.

It's clear they all don't understand the difference between shame and fame. Esqueda's boyfriend, Sgt. Alvaro Castellon, was sitting next to Hernandez at the last council meeting, videotaping residents. They complained that they felt he was there to intimidate and harass them from speaking. Castellon, residents believe, is responsible for placing negative YouTube videos online that accused Chief Jeff Eley of ticket fixing. It is no surprise that prior to his removal he would not bend to their wishes.

For residents, November seems a long way off. Residents just wish they didn't have to wait that long to vote them off the dais and want to sweep them and all their dirty laundry out of the door.

Maybe if recalled, they can all at last, get an actual job. It's puzzling that they aren't gainfully employed but claim they can handle the affairs of the city. Clearly the only affairs they've managed have been extramarital and with them, they've held the city and residents hostage. Perhaps Maribel surmised their illusions of grandeur best when she said, "I still think what happened is not a matter to be handled in the court, but a matter to be handled by medical professionals." Amen. And so the city turns..

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