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Layoffs Expected in the City of San Fernando PDF Print E-mail
Written by Diana Martinez | Editor   
Thursday, 13 September 2012 03:23

The San Fernando City Council is expected to hold a special meeting tonight, Thursday, September 13, and the hot button topic will be laying off positions.

"We have to stop the hemorrhaging," city administrator Al Hernandez told the San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol. "The council has already agreed [in closed session] to eliminate five positions. They are expected to take a public vote on the matter during the special meeting."

Hernandez acknowledged that it's been difficult to get a quorum of the council and recent attempts to hold special meetings have been unsuccessful.

"If they don't meet Thursday, I have one more shot during the following regular council meeting to get this taken care of. If they don't meet then, then I'll have to use my authority to move this process forward."

Hernandez said eliminating the five positions will "move things in the right direction," but does not solve the city's financial crisis.

"Furlough days, are still on the table. If the employees union doesn't agree to furlough days then there will have to be more layoffs."

Seniors, concerned about the possibility of losing key staff members who oversee their nutrition program and activities at Las Palmas Park have attempted to appeal to the council and are expected to return to the council chambers tonight.

Hernandez would not confirm the names or the positions that are expected to be eliminated.

He said the council members have been given information about the positions but have not been given the names of the employees who hold those positions.

"It's been very stressful and difficult to work under these conditions," said a city employee who asked for anonymity.

"We have no more fat to cut, and at this point, whoever is eliminated, it will be much harder to pick up the slack than those at city hall realize. I feel for anyone who is let go and for the city. We are already so short staffed and the city has never replaced some pretty key positions. If they keep going like this, who will be left to do the work and provide city services?"

Hernandez said if the council meets tonight, and votes as expected, layoff notices would be delivered on Friday.

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