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Written by Diana Martinez | Editor   
Thursday, 04 October 2012 04:53

Residents of San Fernando brace yourself for some scary characters knocking on your door and not because Halloween is coming.

The Recall election is now a month away and if San Fernando wasn't already wrought with a backlog of soap operas, those council members facing a recall, are providing spin off episodes at city hall and at the San Fernando courthouse.

Perhaps one of the scariest characters these days is the city's current Mayor. Brenda Esqueda has been providing daily installments of city drama.

Her latest antics went so far on Tuesday as to instruct City Administrator Al Hernandez to stay out of a meeting with city employees and SEIU union reps.

Esqueda, raising a ruckus and adding to the city's legal fees, contacted city attorney Maribel Medina. Esqueda warned the city's top ranking administrator that she would charge him with insubordination if he dared to attend the meeting.

If you're confused, join all those scratching their heads at city hall. With city employees waiting for the next layoff shoe to drop, they are anxious to sit down with all the city's powers- that- be.

The city administrator stayed out of the meeting but much to Esqueda's chagrin, council member Sylvia Ballin sat in for Mayor Pro Tem Antonio Lopez, although it was made clear that the meeting was no longer "official" and Ballin could not negotiate with the union..

So yet again, little was accomplished and the meeting ended with a grandstanding Esqueda to call yet another meeting for today (Thursday) with city employees. It hasn't escaped employees to note that Esqueda may be dragging her feet as she tries to secure their support to oppose her recall in exchange for their jobs. But, how such a promise can be made as the city's coffers run dry is a question that should be asked.

If keeping city employees on a string doesn't keep Esqueda's tangled web busy enough in what could be her final month of office, a police complaint was filed this week by recall council candidate Jesse Avila, reporting that Esqueda and her boyfriend Sgt. Alvaro Castellon have been stalking him. Avila reported that Esqueda followed him pointing a video camera at his every move. Members of the recall committee have complained that Esqueda has attempted to intimidate them by snapping their picture with her cellphone.

Castellon was previously criticized by residents for attempting to intimidate them by videotaping them at council meetings.

As news trucks have taken a powder on San Fernando for the moment, if Esqueda can't be in front of the camera, she is keeping the cameras rolling herself and is pointing it squarely on anyone she views as an opponent.

Candidates have described Esqueda as "being on a rampage, to stop at nothing to keep from being recalled."

Meanwhile councilwoman Maribel De La Torre and former Mayor Mario Hernandez are preparing for their next court date on November 3rd, only 3 days before the recall election. with the devil-madethem- do-it evidence that blames the San Fernando police department of mishandling their reports to them following their physical fight last June.

The pair attempted to get the police to drop their reports and when that was unsuccessful, Mario Hernandez told the court that he didn't want to testify.

It's been recently noted that De La Torre and Mario Hernandez called upon the city attorney for legal consultation on the arrest warrant following their physical fight. Mario Hernandez and De La Torre have always maintained that their affair was a "personal matter."

So then, why should the city be expected to foot their bill? And so the city turns....

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