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Written by San Fernando Valley Sun   
Thursday, 18 October 2012 03:16

Dear Editor,

On November 6, 2012, San Fernando voters will go to the polls and elect a new City Council. There are many good families in town. There are third and fourth generation residents who may provide the basis for a strong, responsible government.

But they must step up and lead. The City is struggling to survive a lingering recession, a disastrous leadership and an array of lawsuits. Balancing the budget will require discipline and independence. There exists fatigue among the electorate, but if they are going to turn things around, they need to elect a smart, independent, and courageous leadership that will serve the public and not themselves.

What the City needs is a few mavericks who will put the City first.

Group struggle is never-ending, a stark reminder that the politics of interest usually go that way. City Council members are often overwhelmed by the implacable pressure of a handful who are impossible to please.

Governing is not a simple task. Nevertheless, the future of good government in San Fernando is in their hands. Council members have an important job to do. They are supposed to improve the residents' quality of life by allocating city services, attracting good employees and business, and keeping neighborhoods safe.

This election will be a challenge to the voters, and an interesting one.

José A. Hernandez, Ph.D. Former Councilman and Mayor of San Fernando

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