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Written by San Fernando Valley Sun   
Thursday, 03 January 2013 05:08

San Fernando – Through "Newcomer Eyes"

I am a relative newcomer to the City of San Fernando – 11 months and counting!

Some might say I'm still an "outsider" looking in on the City and my neighbors. I won't argue that point because many of my neighbors have a rich heritage and strong connections to the City that date back to the 1800's. I would add, however, that San Fernando is my City of Choice and my reasons for staying far outnumber excuses for leaving. I believe this fact adds credibility to my message.

Lately, I've begun to feel pretty good about living in San Fernando. I affectionately refer to the City as "The Valley Come-Back Municipality."

Residents whose roots are long and strong will immediately resonate with this title. The City is a lot like the little boy who struck out at baseball but demanded a "do-over" because he knew he would do better the next time he got up at bat.

The City of San Fernando carries the spirit of that little boy. We've been up at bat before with the intention of cleaning house … and we struck out. We immediately yelled, "We want a do-over!" We brushed ourselves off and eventually got back up at bat. The first experience of striking out made us wiser and more determined to keep our eyes on the ball and hold all our elected officials accountable for what they SAY and DO!

Ya gotta love our scrappy little City. Each time we trip over ourselves or get sabotaged from within, we get up and get back in the game. We don't care about the size of our adversary or how deep his or her pockets are. We will always demand a "do-over!" And we will always do better the next time we get up at bat. We've got (italics) cajones (italics end) the size of Mount Rushmore! That's how we roll!

The City of San Fernando got up at bat in November with the Recall vote and the election of a few new City Council Members. It was "do-over" time again … and the voters hit the ball hard and high. We didn't hit a homerun, but we rounded the bases and glided over home plate with gusto, grace and style. Congratulations to all who participated. You did well!

Now we cross the threshold of The New Year – 2013. Electoral musical chairs left us with a new mayor who will serve through the current term, and three new Council Members whose promises and pledges are ALL ON RECORD. The City is embarking on a new beginning that holds the promise of GOOD THINGS yet to come.

This "newcomer" to San Fernando believes in all the good possibilities ahead of us … if we keep our eyes on the ball!

Sheila LyonHall

San Fernando

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